Mono Meals: What They Are & Why We Should Eat Them

What is a mono meal?

A mono meal is simply a meal comprised of an abundance of one food, usually raw fruits. For example, six to seven mangoes or eight oranges or a giant smoothie of just bananas (and water) or half a watermelon.

For people who are used to eating meals that have a lot of different ingredients and that require a lot of fancy food prep, the idea of eating nothing but mangoes might seem bland and boring, but to me the idea of eating all the mangoes that I want is pure heaven! And while it can be wonderful to eat a meal that your mother spent a lot of time and energy creating for you, it can also be wonderful to eat a meal that “Mother Nature” spent a lot of time and energy creating for you.

Not convinced? I understand! So here are a few more reasons why mono meals are quite possibly the greatest thing ever:

  1. They are the easiest meals to digest 

    Different enzymes are needed to break down carbs, fats, and proteins. If too much activity is happening in the digestive tract, acids can cancel out those enzymes causing food to ferment or decompose rather than be digested. Undigested food can lead to bloating, heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, IBS, and more. By eating only one type of food for an entire meal, your body will only require one enzyme to break it down and your system will have no problem digesting it.Digestion is also the most energy-intensive process the body has, so the easier a meal is to digest, the less nervous system energy is required for that digestion. This allows for more ‘nerve energy’ to be available for healing. It also decreases the amount of sleep needed to replenish your daily nerve energy usage.

  2. They simplify life 

    What happens on the plate manifests in our lives. Committing to an occasional or frequent mono meal brings you in tune with simplicity. One texture, one flavor, one color and one experience helps you to hone in on the beauty and, ironically, the simple complexity of one food. Feeding yourself a mono meal is an act of kindness toward your body. What happens in the body resonates outward. As you become more comfortable with mono mealing, you might find yourself more comfortable with one flower artistically arranged in a vase, reading one book at a time, enjoying one favorite person during dedicated time together.

  3. They save on time 

    Fruit is the original fast food. Many are ready to eat as they come, others require the simple prepping of peeling and cutting. You can take fruit to work or in the car. Try stopping at a grocery store or produce stand on the road rather than passing through a drive-through window. Mono mealing is absolutely an adequate and time saving way to eat. Five bananas can constitute lunch. Two cantaloupes can be breakfast. And now you have more time to actually enjoy your food instead of prepping it.

  4. They’re the only way to know for sure how your body reacts to certain foods

    Feeling sick after you eat a meal is never normal and should not be ignored. It can take people years to figure out that they are intolerant or allergic to a certain food(s) because every time they eat it it’s mixed with many other things. This makes it extremely difficult for one to figure out exactly what keeps making them sick. Mono meals limit this for obvious reasons – if you’re only eating one kind of food and you have a reaction, there is only one logical explanation for what caused that reaction.

  5. They force you to eat better quality foods 

    It’s easy to settle for fruits and vegetables that aren’t very good quality when they are mixed together with a lot of other ingredients and you therefore don’t taste them as much. However, when you start eating mono meals, you will immediately find yourself seeking out better quality produce because once you attempt to eat a meal of nothing but unripe bananas or apples that are covered in wax,  you will never want to have that experience again.

  6. They give you a greater appreciation for the foods you eat 

    Going along with mono meals’ ability to force you to focus on the quality of your foods, they also give you a greater appreciation of that quality and how amazingly natural it is. I know that when I am eating a really sweet and juicy Watermelon or a big bowl of fresh strawberries, I feel an intense desire to say ‘thank you’ to someone or something for what I am enjoying. I have come to the conclusion that the best way to say ‘thank you’ to nature is to simply appreciate and respect it more.

  7. Think of our ancestors

    Humans are the only creatures on the earth that mix hard-to-digest combinations of unhealthy food into meals containing dozens of ingredients, and even our species has only been at this peculiar habit for a few thousand years.

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