Who Is Consciously Kay?

Hi there! Welcome to my life! My name is Kayla, but most of you may know me as consciouslykay on Instagram. I’m 23 years old and I currently live in Rochester, NY with my husband, Caleb, and our two fur babies, Fluffy & Rumi. I work full-time as a nanny, as well as a Young Living essential oil distributor.

I originally started this blog to raise awareness and spread the vegan message by sharing information, tips, recipes, and more. And while I still plan to do all of those things, I also plan to share my newest, deepest passion – essential oils. Below is my story – where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. I hope it can be of help to anyone who is looking for it.

My body image issues started very early on in my life. I was always extremely tall (currently 5’11), and very self conscious that. It took me a very long time to accept that it was something I couldn’t change and that I would never be “small” like the other girls. To compensate for this so-called imperfection, I thought I had to be extremely skinny. This caused me to have a ridiculously unhealthy relationship with food. I had grown up always eating whatever I wanted (fast food, chips, whole pizzas, etc.) because I had such a fast metabolism, but as I got older those foods brought about an extreme amount of guilt.

When I was around 16 years old I decided to become vegetarian. While this decision was about 90% for the animals, I still considered it just another way to (hopefully) help me lose weight. At the time I had no knowledge of the dairy industry, so it didn’t make sense to me to stop eating anything but meat. I was consistently eating nothing but veggies and oatmeal and then later binging on anything I could find (pizza, chips, ice cream, etc.)

I struggled like this for a long time. Eventually, I started counting my calories every day using MyFitnessPal. It got to the point where I would plug in a single bite of any food I put into my mouth. I bounced from diet to diet. I counted macros, I ate high fat, high protein, I exercised excessively 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day if I thought I’d eaten too much. I was down to about 900 calories a day, along with that level of exercise. Looking back now on the thousands of progress pictures I had taken at the time, I was so so unhealthy. It baffles my mind to look at photos of myself and remember at the time I thought I looked fat. I was always tired, always hungry, always sick, and absolutely never satisfied with the way I looked.

When I was 18 I was given an assignment to write an argumentative essay for my academic writing class. I decided to argue for vegetarianism, yet quickly stumbled on articles upon articles about veganism. I decided to make the switch that very day. My first year as a vegan was quite difficult because I still lived in a dorm, and therefore was still eating dining hall food. I lived off oatmeal, whole wheat wraps, and salads. I was also still afraid of eating anything unhealthy because I didn’t want to gain weight. This almost always led to binging, this time it was just on vegan junk food.

It was not until I found Bonnyrebecca and RawTill4 on Instagram and YouTube 2 years later that I finally found a healthy balance within myself. No more binging. No more counting. No more “dieting.”

HCLF / RawTill4 veganism changed my life. It changed my entire mindset around eating. I stopped counting calories. I was eating extremely large meals for the first time in my life, with absolutely no guilt afterwards. My staples were (and honestly, are) bowls of fruit the bigger than my head and huge smoothies and salads. They are always delicious, always satisfying, and make me feel so good about myself.

Along the way my diet has changed, for example: adding more protein and upping my healthy fats a bit, but hclf will always be my base. I thrive off of a high-carb diet. Fruits and vegetables fuel my mind and body in the most positive way possible. I have never felt better, healthier, happier, or more confident in my 21 years. I have also never eaten MORE!

Being able to eat to my heart’s desire and be confident and healthy is something I never thought possible. Yes, I still struggle with body image, but I believe that is something that will always be there. No one is happy with the way they look 24/7, and that’s okay. What’s important is that I no longer stop myself from eating. I don’t exercise to excess. I don’t binge. I eat loads and loads of plant-based whole foods every single day and I THRIVE. I feel absolutely amazing every time I eat. I can feel the energy flowing through my bloodstream. My mind is clearer, my body is healthier and stronger, and I believe I am finally an expert of myself.

Eating consciously has also allowed me to live more consciously. This lifestyle has made me aware of everything I put in, on, and around my body. I now pay attention to the ingredients in every single product I use – makeup, body wash, laundry detergent, toothpaste, even cleaning supplies. For so long I believed the labels of products that claimed to be “all-natural,” “toxin-free,” and “simple.” It wasn’t until I found Young Living that I came to truly understand the importance of REALLY knowing your products! (Click here to read more about why I chose Young Living over other essential oil brands).

I now use Young Living and essential oils for almost everything in my life. Hormone regulation, skincare, haircare, emotional support, cleaning (both my body and my house). I had no idea how much I was missing out on and couldn’t be MORE grateful to where this path has lead me! I am now surrounded by products I love & feel good about that have also provided me with my dream job. My goal in life is now to help everyone understand how important it is to pay attention to the products you use, the food you consume, the toxins you should switch and ditch immediately, and the new life you can be living by purchasing & using products to help you and your family THRIVE! Click here to join my tribe & begin living your best conscious & all-natural  life.

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